Solar Maintenance Services

Get all of your solar panel maintenance needs covered by 410 Energy. Our dedicated solar service experts will care for your solar system after installation and beyond. Focus on what matters and leave the solar maintenance up to us.

No-Nonsense Solar Panel Maintenance

Everything that has moving parts or works mechanically can stop working if it’s not taken care of – even solar stuff. We’ve got a complete package for you to make sure you save energy for the long haul. That means we handle everything like cleaning, keeping an eye on things, checking to make sure everything’s good, and we even give your system a lifetime warranty. Our solar maintenance services are like a full deal – they cover everything you need.

Here’s How We Maintain Your Solar System

Solar System Monitoring

Our advanced system monitoring provides top-notch panel protection, and the best part is that homeowners can take control of their tracking. Through one of our partner apps, you have the power to monitor your solar energy production.

Solar panels close view

Solar Panel Cleaning

As part of our service, you'll benefit from an annual visual system inspection. Additionally, we provide professional solar panel cleaning to rid your panels of dirt and debris. These cleanings can enhance solar production by up to 35%!

Solar Panel Troubleshooting

Solar Panel Troubleshooting

Our team of friendly solar service technicians, experts in their field, handle your panel system installation. They'll provide a clear, easy-to-understand written report after their inspection, along with a quote for any needed fixes.

Already Have Solar Panels?

You’re on your solar journey, and now it’s time for maintenance. With the region’s largest solar maintenance division, we’re prepared for any task, big or small. Get in touch today, and let’s revive your solar journey.

Solar Critter Guard

Critter Guards

Solar System Addition

Solar Add On

Home Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Energy Upgrades

Solar Maintenance Services


Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels generally require maintenance once or twice a year. Regular inspections, cleaning, and performance monitoring are essential. Professional service may be needed periodically.

Solar panels should be cleaned as needed, typically once or twice a year. The frequency may vary depending on your location, weather conditions, and the accumulation of dirt, dust, or bird droppings. Regular visual inspections can help you determine when cleaning is necessary.

  1. Visual Check: Look at the inverter’s display for lights and error messages.
  2. Listen: Ensure it’s running quietly without unusual noise.
  3. Monitor Production: Compare current output to expectations.
  4. Refer to Manual: Consult the user manual for guidance.
  5. Contact Installer: If unsure, contact your installer or a professional.

Solar true-up charges, also known as annual true-up or reconciliation, are adjustments made to your electricity bill when you have a solar power system with net metering. At the end of a billing cycle or year, your utility company calculates the difference between the electricity your solar panels generated and the electricity you consumed from the grid. If you generated more than you used, you may receive credits. If you used more than you generated, you may owe additional charges. True-up charges help ensure you’re billed accurately for your net energy usage.

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