Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is Maryland’s largest natural gas and electric utility, providing essential services to more than 1.3 million electric customers and over 700,000 natural gas customers in Central Maryland. As a company headquartered in Baltimore, BGE is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, the nation’s leading competitive energy supplier. With a history dating back to 1816, BGE plays a crucial role in millions of residents’ economic development and daily lives.

This article is designed to be an ultimate guide for BGE customers in understanding the various aspects of the utility, such as service offerings, payment options, and energy savings programs. By reading this comprehensive guide, customers will gain valuable insight into the ins and outs of BGE and learn how to make the most of their experience with the company.

Throughout the article, we will discuss BGE’s commitment to moving intelligent energy forward, community engagement efforts, and practical information, such as tips for reducing your energy bill and staying safe around natural gas and electric infrastructure. With this information, BGE customers can confidently navigate their relationship with the utility company and make informed decisions about their energy needs.

Understanding BGE Electric Rates and Billing

Introduction to BGE Electric Rates

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is a long-standing public utility company providing electricity and natural gas services in Maryland for over 200 years. They supply electricity to 1.25 million businesses and homes and deliver natural gas to over 650,000 customers in Baltimore and nearby areas of Maryland. BGE offers different electric rates and tariffs for residential and commercial customers, which can be found on their official website.

Why Your BGE Bill Might Be High

A high BGE bill might be attributed to increased electricity usage, weather conditions, or appliance efficiency. Customers are advised to continuously monitor their energy usage, invest in energy-efficient appliances, and implement cost-effective energy-saving practices to avoid higher-than-expected bills.

BGE Rate Increases in 2023

In 2023, BGE announced a forthcoming rate increase set to take effect on October 12. The increase drew the attention of its extensive customer base, prompting inquiries into the reasons for the change and its potential impact on consumers’ wallets. Customers are advised to be mindful of these adjustments and plan their electricity usage accordingly.

Exploring BGE Cost per kWh

BGE’s electric costs can vary based on the time of use. As of April 1, 2023, the combined distribution and supply rates were $0.32 per kWh during peak hours and $0.09 per kWh during off-peak hours. Customers can optimize their energy costs and reduce overall expenses by understanding these rates and adjusting their electricity usage.

Effective Ways to Manage BGE Billing

  • Monitor energy usage: Regularly check your energy consumption to understand the patterns and identify inefficiencies.
  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances: Appliances with higher energy ratings can reduce electricity usage and consequently lower energy bills.
  • Schedule electricity usage: Shift energy-intensive tasks to off-peak hours when the electricity rates are lower.
  • Perform regular maintenance: Periodic inspections of electrical and HVAC systems can help identify issues that increase energy consumption, thus avoiding higher bills.
  • Upgrade insulation: Improving the insulation of your home or business can reduce energy usage by maintaining a more consistent indoor temperature.

By implementing these strategies, customers can effectively manage their BGE billing and keep costs to a minimum while contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Navigating BGE Service and Operations

Cost of Starting BGE Service

Some initial costs may be involved when starting a new service with Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE). These may include a security deposit, installation fees, or connection charges. Specific prices depend on your location and the type of service being set up. Understanding these costs upfront is essential to avoid surprises on your first bill.

Winter Power Policies: Can BGE Turn Off Power?

BGE has specific policies to ensure its customers’ safety and well-being during winter months. They typically avoid turning off power for non-payment during extreme cold spells to protect vulnerable customers from the harsh weather. However, this policy may only apply to some situations, and paying your bill on time is still essential for uninterrupted service.

BGE Service Area Overview

BGE provides services to a vast area in Central Maryland, including the city of Baltimore and its surrounding counties. Their primary focus is on delivering reliable and safe energy to households and businesses while investing in infrastructure improvements to support the growing requirements of the region.

Hassle-Free BGE Service Transfer

When moving within the BGE service area, transferring your service to a new address is convenient and seamless. You can submit a single application online to start service at your new address and stop service at your old one, making the process hassle-free and efficient.

Convenient BGE Payment Locations

Baltimore Gas and Electric offers customers multiple ways to pay their bills. Options include:

  • Online payments through their website
  • Automatic bank deductions
  • Mailing a check to their payment address
  • In-person payments at authorized pay agents

Choose the most convenient method for your needs, and never worry about missing a payment again!

Assessing the Value of BGE Budget Billing

BGE’s Budget Billing program helps customers manage their energy expenses by spreading them evenly throughout the year. This approach helps to avoid seasonal fluctuations in energy costs, making it easier for customers to budget their monthly payments. Consider your energy usage patterns to determine if Budget Billing is correct. Then, speak with a BGE representative for personalized program recommendations.

Embracing BGE Community and Renewable Energy

Exploring BGE Community Solar Programs

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) offers various community solar programs for its customers. These programs provide a way for individuals and businesses to harness the power of solar energy without installing solar panels on their property. Participants can subscribe to a community solar project and receive credits on their monthly energy bill.

Optimal Usage during BGE Peak and Off-Peak Hours

BGE customers can use the utility’s peak and off-peak hours to maximize energy efficiency and save on electricity costs. By shifting energy-intensive activities to off-peak hours, customers can reduce their energy bills and reduce the strain on the electric grid. Consumers can find more information about BGE’s peak and off-peak hours on their website.

The Benefits of BGE Solar Panels

Investing in BGE solar panels has multiple benefits, including:

  • Environmental impact: Solar panels help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by generating clean, renewable energy.
  • Energy independence: Solar panel users gain greater control over their energy consumption and costs.
  • Long-term savings: Once the initial investment is covered, solar panels can result in significant savings on future energy bills.

Incentives for BGE Solar Panel Adoption

BGE offers incentives to encourage their customers to adopt solar panels. Some of these incentives include:

  1. Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC): A tax credit for 30% of the cost of the solar panel system.
  2. Maryland state rebates and incentives can help cover some solar panel installation costs.
  3. Net metering: BGE customers can receive credits for the excess energy generated by their solar panels and fed back to the electric grid.

BGE’s Contribution to Renewable Energy

Baltimore Gas and Electric company recognizes the importance of renewable energy and is committed to increasing its use of sources like biogas in its distribution system. By embracing the potential of renewable energy, BGE is actively working to promote sustainability and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

BGE Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) has been working diligently to improve its customers’ experience. They have significantly invested in electric infrastructure upgrades and implemented advanced technologies that benefited customers by improving reliability in 2018 and 2021.

BGE’s commitment has also led to the utility achieving a top-quartile ranking or better performance in customer satisfaction, reduced outage frequency, and faster service restoration.

Quickly Accessing BGE Customer Support

To make customer support more accessible, BGE provides various channels for customer assistance:

  1. Website: BGE offers information on managing accounts, reporting outages, and energy-saving tips.
  2. Phone: BGE’s media hotline at 410-470-7433 is available for support.
  3. Social Media: BGE maintains active social media accounts on platforms such as Twitter, where customers can receive timely updates and reach out for assistance.

By enhancing the customer experience, BGE is demonstrating its dedication to meeting its customer’s needs and maintaining a high level of service quality.

Promoting Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Tips for Saving on BGE Bills

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) encourages customers to take energy-saving measures. Simple steps like lowering the thermostat by a few degrees during winter months or raising it during summer months can significantly reduce consumption. Additionally, using Energy Star appliances and switching to LEDs can make a difference in your bills.

Below are some tips that can help customers save on BGE bills:

  • Insulation: Properly insulate your home to maintain optimal indoor temperatures, reducing energy usage.
  • Sealing: Check for gaps around windows and doors and seal them to prevent drafts.
  • Heating and Cooling: Clean and maintain your HVAC system regularly to ensure peak performance.
  • Appliances: Unplug electronics when unused and invest in energy-efficient models.
  • Lighting: Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs for lower energy consumption.

Participating in BGE Energy Efficiency Programs

BGE offers its customers various energy efficiency programs to help reduce consumption and lower bills. The EmPOWER Maryland program, for instance, provides incentives for homeowners to make energy-saving improvements. The program has lowered average energy usage from 1,000 to 850 kWh for BGE customers.

Some BGE programs include:

  1. Quick Home Energy Check-up: A free assessment that helps identify energy-saving opportunities in your home.
  2. Home Performance with ENERGY STAR: Offers rebates for improving your home’s energy efficiency.
  3. Lighting and Appliance discounts: BGE partners with retailers to offer discounts on energy-efficient products.

The Value of a BGE Energy Audit

A BGE Energy Audit helps homeowners understand how energy is consumed in their homes. This comprehensive analysis identifies improvement areas, providing recommendations on insulation, air sealing, HVAC upgrades, and more. BGE offers rebates and incentives to customers participating in the audit, helping make energy-efficient home improvements more cost-effective. By investing in a BGE Energy Audit, customers can identify ways to save money on energy bills while reducing their environmental impact.

Navigating BGE and Regulatory Compliance

Understanding BGE Compliance with Maryland Regulations

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) operates under strict regulations set forth by state authorities. Compliance with these regulations safeguards the company’s and its customers’ interests. BGE adheres to guidelines set by the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC). For instance, BGE provides FERC Standards of Conduct information on its website, ensuring transparency and adherence to energy-related regulations.

BGE and State Energy Policies

BGE actively participates in state efforts to advance clean energy sources and policies. A recent example is its approval to incorporate Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) into its gas distribution system. This initiative aligns with Maryland’s green energy goals and supports BGE’s commitment to environmentally-friendly practices.

Additionally, BGE offers various energy-saving programs to help customers reduce costs and become more energy-efficient. Such initiatives include:

  • Smart Energy Rewards
  • My Account tools
  • Quick Home Energy Check-Up

Maryland Public Service Commission’s Role with BGE

The Maryland PSC plays a crucial role in overseeing the operations of BGE and other public service companies. They ensure that these companies adhere to state regulations and maintain rates and services that are fair, just, and reasonable. Recently, the PSC mandated that BGE disclose an internal memo to clear up controversial issues and maintain transparency between the utility provider, public agencies, and consumers.

In conclusion, by understanding BGE’s compliance with Maryland regulations, its role in state energy policies, and the PSC’s involvement, one can better grasp the complex dynamics in the utility sector, ensuring a sustainable and reliable energy supply for all Maryland residents.

Assessing BGE’s Environmental Impact

BGE Environmental Impact

BGE’s Commitment to Sustainability

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is aware of prioritizing sustainability within its business operations. To demonstrate its environmental commitment, BGE has proposed new EV programs that support the State of Maryland’s ecological goals. These programs align directly with Maryland’s Climate Solutions Now Act and Advanced Clean Cars II Rule.

Reducing BGE’s Carbon Footprint

In their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, BGE has undergone an Integrated Decarbonization Study, which was updated in November 2022. This update includes a full technical report and appendix and accounts for the impacts of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). As part of its decarbonization strategy, the company has been working to implement the necessary technologies, investments, and policy changes to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

Environmental Initiatives by BGE

BGE has multiple initiatives in place to support environmental responsibility. Among them is their Gas Infrastructure Modernization Program, which aims to replace all of BGE’s existing gas infrastructure as of 2013. However, it’s worth noting that some critics argue that BGE’s massive gas equipment spending plan could cost consumers and contradict state climate goals.

Furthermore, BGE is actively working to minimize its impact on the environment through its investment in electric vehicle (EV) programs. By promoting EV adoption and developing charging infrastructure, BGE supports Maryland’s commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Practicing Good Energy Habits

Recap of BGE’s Offerings and Initiatives

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is continuously working on improving its services and investing in infrastructure projects. One specific initiative is their Multi-Year Customer Relief and Energy Infrastructure Investment Plan. In 2023, BGE will implement rate increases taking effect on January 1, 2023, enabling the utility company to provide better service and modernize its energy infrastructure.

Encouraging Environmentally-Friendly Choices

BGE also promotes sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. For instance, they have recently completed their second battery energy storage project. This venture enhances grid reliability in southern Anne Arundel County and parts of Calvert County, contributing to a sustainable energy future.

Next Steps for BGE Customers

To make the most of BGE’s offerings, customers should visit:

  • Stay informed about any updates or new initiatives from the utility company
  • Embrace energy-saving practices to keep their energy bills within budget
  • Participate in BGE-supported sustainability programs to contribute to a greener future

By doing so, customers can ensure they are well-equipped to navigate BGE’s service offerings while contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city.